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manufacturer / country of origin julllog / Republic of Korea


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Product Brief Information

This is the underwear that our representatives wear every day. It was pretty, but it was very comfortable, and it was praised every day, and it was a product that I bought and brought directly because I wanted to recommend it to our loggers. It is a product with a moderately gorgeous lace that does not overdo it. First of all, it is a big feature that there is no wire, and the lace fabric comes out as a line that wraps the chest as a whole, so it is very comfortable to wear. You can think of the breast pad as a swimsuit pad without mulberry, which is commonly encountered. It comes in three sizes: S, M, L. As it is not an underwear brand, it is not subdivided into circumference and cap size-S is 70A, 70B, M is 75A, 75B, 70C, 70D, L is 80A, I would like to recommend it in 80B, 75C, and 75D sizes. The panties in the set come in a free size, but I think you can wear them in sizes 55-77. It is a pity that the size is not subdivided, but I would like to recommend it as a product with a satisfactory design and fit. * As it is a normal underwear brand, it may be different in size depending on individual differences. For underwear, it is difficult to exchange or refund for hygiene, so please purchase carefully.

Product Details

Product Additional Information

size S, M, L
Material Outer-nylon (nylon / 尼龙) 91.2% + spandex / 氨纶 纤维 8.8% / cup part-polyester (100%)
color Light beige
Laundry Single hand washing l, no use of dryer l, no twisting l
manufacturer Partners
Country of origin China
Manufacturing date 2020.05
Quality assurance standards In accordance with the consumer compensation policy

Size Table

option Ⓐ Cup Street Ⓑ Cup length ⒸBradule Ⓓ Panties waist Ⓔ Panty President
s (70a, 70b) 15cm 13.5cm 68.2cm 63cm 23cm
m (75a, 75b, 70c, 70d) 15.5cm 14cm 69.2cm 63cm 23cm
l (80a, 80b, 75c, 75d) 16cm 14.5cm 70.2cm 63cm 23cm
  • There may be 1-3cm error depending on the measuring method, measuring position, and measuring instrument.
  • The same size may vary slightly depending on body type.
  • Denim and colored fabrics are naturally dripping, so please wash them separately to prevent dye transfer.
  • The color of the product may look different depending on the monitor resolution and angle.
  • Contrary to the washing instructions listed above, you cannot exchange or return the product.
  • In case of accessories, allergic materials are different for each customer, so please check the materials before purchasing.

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