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Payment / Shipping When do I have to make the deposit?

You have to deposit within 3 days of the order date after order
If the payment is not made within 3 days of the order date, the order will be automatically cancelled.
You can't confirm your deposit even if you deposit it later.
If you deposited the money after the order was cancelled, please leave it at 1:1 or contact the customer center.

Payment / Shipping I made the deposit, but I couldn't confirm

If the account number you selected is not the one you ordered, or
The amount you placed and the amount you ordered does not match.
Please leave it at 1:1 or contact the customer center.

Payment / Shipping I ordered, but when is the delivery due?

The product is ready when the deposit is completed after ordering.
It usually takes about 1 to 4 days except weekends.
Receiving delayed products may take more than seven days except weekends.
Please wait a little longer and we'll help you with your shipment as soon as you're ready.

Payment / Shipping I ordered separately. How do I ship the packages?

If you ordered each order separately on time, you can send a batch if you like.
However, it can only be delivered in the previous step.
Please leave it at 1:1 or contact the customer center.

○ Package delivery may take some time to ship because the entire product is ready and shipped.

Exchange / Return I'd like to cancel my order if it hasn't been delivered.

Please leave it at 1:1 or contact the customer center.

Exchange / Return I'd like to change the color, size, and address of the product if it's not delivered.

Changes can only be made if they are not delivered.
You cannot change to another product. You can change only the color and size of the same product.
Please leave it at 1:1 or contact the customer center.

However, the "shipping" status is already packaged and transferred to the courier, so you cannot cancel/change it.

○ Some changes to the product may require a new time to prepare the product, which may result in a further delay in the delivery date.

Exchange / Return How do I exchange & return it?

Exchange (other than the weekend, a holiday) and seven days after receipt of all goods must be the doctor said I'll return.
Have a change of heart by exchange for shipping returns in the event of return and your expense.

Please take over after receipt of return you are given partial delivery of all products.
Return shipping if the receipt to delivery only under part two, you can be charged.

○ : South-East, Namdong-gu, Incheon in the event of return tataekppae as 378 (week) ellain.
○ Korea Express Co. : Bucheon cj, Wonmi 1-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Express points in the event of return of cj jull - log the future.
○ Korea Express Co. site, receiving, cj : Sosa-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 5, point front of log jull. Bucheon, Korea Express Co., cj

Exchange / Return What is the case that exchange & return is not possible?

In case JULL-LOG does not express its intention to return the product within 7 days of receipt (weekly, holiday excluded)

○ In case the product is damaged unlike the initial product (burn, repair, laundry, smell, contamination, etc.)
○ Depending on how and how to measure the size, there may be a slight error (+/-3 cm).
○ Colors are parts that may vary depending on the monitor resolution and are not defective.
○ By default, you cannot exchange or return products that are damaged so that they cannot be resold.
○ If you only try fitting to check the size, you cannot damage the product so that it cannot be re-sold (collaps, slimmer, lint, or smell).

This regulation is inevitable because it is unclear whether the product is responsible for its initial defects and consumer negligence.
Our JULL-LOG inspection team is doing a thorough inspection as well, but since it's human, please understand that it's inevitable.
Even if it's a hassle, please make sure to check for defective products before wearing them.

Etc size inquiry

I've marked the size in the product details statement.

There are a lot of customers who ask what size you need to wear after talking about your height and weight.
We can give you a rough guess, but it's hard to give you an exact answer because it depends on your body shape.

Please check the detailed size of the product description and purchase carefully.

Etc What should I be familiar with when I return it?

1. Returned products are displayed (defective products required)

on the back of the return application for the goods you wish to return.
Order number or name, phone number, product name, size, color, quantity, etc.
Please write down exactly.

*If the reason for the defect is not specified in detail on the return application, it may not be considered a defective product.

2. Return request

Please request return to cj Korea Express (1588-1255).
Additional charges may be incurred for shipment by taxi.
Additional cost will also be incurred for Cj Korea Express delivery service at the convenience store.

3. Packaging

Make sure that the product you wish to return is placed on a vinyl attached with a bar code.
Please put it in and send it with your return application form.

4. Product delivery

Please forward the box that has been packed by payment to the cj Korea Express.


It will take at least two to three days after arrival of the logistics center. It may be delayed further if the volume is overflowed.
We'll refund you the way you paid your order.