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  1. 1. Payment / Shipping When do I have to make the deposit?
  2. 2. Payment / Shipping I made the deposit, but I couldn't confirm
  3. 3. Payment / Shipping I ordered, but when is the delivery due?
  4. 4. Payment / Shipping I ordered separately. How do I ship the packages?
  5. 5. Exchange / Return I'd like to cancel my order if it hasn't been delivered.
  6. 6. Exchange / Return I'd like to change the color, size, and address of the product if it's not delivered.
  7. 7. Exchange / Return How do I exchange & return it?
  8. 8. Exchange / Return What is the case that exchange & return is not possible?
  9. 9. Etc size inquiry
  10. 10. Etc What should I be familiar with when I return it?
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